Competition law

Competition law is brand new legal field in R. Macedonia. We have already faced with the need of educated lawyers in this law area, therefore at our team we have experienced lawyers educated at highly ranked EU Universities.

Competition law is high on the corporate agenda, we understand that priority and take a proactive approach to addressing our clients’ competition and regulatory compliance needs. We have excellent relations with national competition authorities, with members of our team having acted as former employee to national competition bodies.
As professional advisers in this complex field, our expertise is consisted of:

investigations and complaints,
merger control
advising on commercial agreements
public procurement
state aid etc.


Contract law

Our firm advises its clients in matters of contract law, with a particular focus on matters of sales of goods. In cooperation with our foreign colleagues, we negotiate and draft complex purchase agreements, distribution agreements, and license agreements, taking the tax and liability issues of cross border transactions into consideration.

Our experience shows that contract content is often neglected which results in illogic and exhaustive documents which can lead to conflicting interpretations or may even be illicit under the applicable laws. Drafting a secure and watertight contract is a skill which can only be acquired through years of experience.

While taking a business-oriented approach, we always seek to ensure that these contracts are compliant with the applicable national and EU laws.


Corporate Governance and compliance

Our Corporate Governance regularly advises corporate management, boards of directors and board committees on a wide variety of corporate governance matters, including corporate responsibility, board oversight responsibilities, financial disclosure, legal compliance etc. Our advice relates to the procedural aspects as well as the legal consequences of corporate and securities transactions.

We have also participated in the preparation and drafting of regulations for shareholders’ meetings, boards of directors and board committees, as well as codes of conduct in the securities market.

We work with our clients to set up and obtain authorization for all kinds of financial institutions. Our expertise extends to a whole host of regulatory issues and compliance with financial services legislation, whether relating to the market in financial instruments, to bank assurance, to capital adequacy requirements, to money laundering etc.

Our practice in this field includes:

Corporate lam matters in general
share transfers
director’s liability
corporate governance
legal matters to European Company (SE)
contributions by and distributions to shareholders
liquidation of Macedonian companies and other legal persons
formation of Macedonian companies and other legal persons
migration of companies to and from the Macedonia


Family Law

Family law is a broad field that includes marriage law, the legal relationships of legitimate and illegitimate children to their parents, laws governing support for relatives, support claims of single mothers, adoption, tutelage, supervision, guardianship, and related laws. However, family law attorneys are predominantly concerned with disputes arising from the separation and divorce of spouses.

Representation in a divorce proceeding and in subsequent matters, including clarification of claims to moveable assets, clarification of support claims, maintenance settlements, and settlement of pensions, is a specialty of this law firm and is handled by experienced lawyers. Close cooperation with tax consultants and auditors permits an assessment of shares and the examination of marriage and divorce agreements from a tax perspective.


Inheritance Law

We advise and represent you in your best interest and in competent manner when handling the passing of property upon death (including internationally) and in the drafting of tailor-made last wills and testaments and durable powers of attorney.

Inheritance disputes
Heirs may have to defend against claims for statutory shares and testamentary gifts. Claims may also be asserted against them from initially unknown creditors of the testator so that at least the heirs' own assets need to be protected. We defend against such claims and assert such claims, both out of court and in court. We support co-heirs in the administration and the dissolution of the community of heirs. Also we represent clients who are foreign residents with inheritance rights in Macedonia and Macedonian residents with inheritance rights mostly in Europe.


Labor and Employment Law

Our firm represents and advises clients across the spectrum of labor and employment matters, including allegations of wrongful termination, employment discrimination and non-competition violations. We also have extensive experience in matters arising in representation proceedings, collective bargaining negotiations, arbitrations and litigation in courts. In addition, the firm advises employers on compliance issues under various labor and employment laws, helping clients to conform their workplace practices and procedures to current law.

Pensions law
Our firm provide practical counseling to sponsoring employers, trustees and plan administrators involved in running occupational pension plans on all aspects of legislative, regulatory and fiscal requirements.

Alternative Dispute Resolution
Our firm offers a variety of alternatives to avoid formal, public, costly, and often protracted litigation. Through the opportunities given by Macedonian Labor Law our firm ensures that its clients have access to attorneys who are skilled and experienced in the processes aimed at resolving disputes — not just litigating them.

An important advantage of ADR is flexibility to achieve consensual and mutually satisfactory resolutions not available through traditional “win-lose” litigation processes. Because of its flexibility and informality, ADR processes offer relatively low-cost opportunities for either evaluative or nonevaluative, binding or nonbinding settlement assistance prior to initiating litigation or as a way to hasten its conclusion.



We represent public companies, financial institutions, foreign governments and other entities — as well as corporate executives and directors.
We have the breadth of experience and depth of skill to handle any dispute or investigation: domestic or international; civil, regulatory, or administrative; and judicial or arbitral. We represent our clients in civil litigation, non – contentious litigation and other complex civil litigation and commercial disputes. We have significant trial experience in the event a case cannot be resolved by negotiation.


Merger and Acquisition

Our Merger and Acquisition expertise include variety types of domestic and foreign transactions. We are participating as advisor in small to large transactions. These transactions are undertaken by our lawyers in close co-operation with other specialists, such as tax advisers, accountants and corporate finance consultants.

Our expertise is consists of:

venture capital,
shareholders agreements,
letters of Intent,
buyer and vendor Due diligence,
privatizations etc.


Real Estate & Environmental

Real Estate
Our Law Firm represents, among others, developers, lenders, investment banks, pension funds, real estate investment trusts, domestic and foreign investors and major corporations in connection with real estate-related transactions. We work on transactions involving the purchase, sale, construction, financing, development, management and operation of and investment in commercial, industrial and residential projects throughout the Republic of Macedonia; the public and private offering of various types of real estate securities; securitized lending transactions; leasing on behalf of landlords and major tenants; real estate litigation; and restructurings on behalf of lenders and borrowers.

Environmental requirements play a major role in the operation, sale, acquisition and financing of almost every business venture. Our Law Firm provide transactional support ranging from detailed due diligence and analysis of liabilities to negotiating and drafting contractual provisions such as indemnities. Environmental awareness and compliance are important components of good governance and risk management. We work closely with clients to reduce their environmental and health and safety risks. The right legal advice can avert serious incidents and can serve to mitigate liability. If problems do arise, we are skilled in dealing with both civil claims and criminal prosecutions.
The way in which the environment is perceived and regulated has changed dramatically in recent years. Environmental law increasingly interacts with health and safety and product liability law and we have considerable experience in these related areas.



The Macedonia’s Capital market is one of the fast growing markets in the region and our target is to attract not only the domestic investors, but also the foreign investors who have decided to invest in the emerging markets. At the Macedonian Capital Market are present all the leading regional brokerage firms and investors.

Our practice in this field is consist of representing issuers and other financial intermediaries in structuring and executing securities transactions and disclosure matters. Also we represent investment banks, brokerage firms, investment advisers and mutual fund organizations.


Tax law

Our firm offers a full range of business tax services, advising domestic and multi-national companies and investors on a wide range of corporate, finance, investment and real estate transactions. We also provide discrete advice and solutions on issues such as VAT/sales tax, customs duties and employment-related tax as well as handling all manner of negotiations, disputes, enquiries and investigations.

We work as in-house tax advisers and finance directors to understand what they need from their tax advisers. Working closely with them we have become known for in interpreting complex tax matters to achieve the best result for our clients. Apart from our technical excellence and strong analytical skills, clients value our pragmatic, flexible approach. We understand that tax laws and revenue practice can be unpredictable and confusing and we will always ensure that our advice is clear and concise and offers a sensible, workable solution for minimizing your tax exposure.


Transport Law

Nacik Law office provides a full range of legal services tuned to the economic activities in and around Thessaloniki, one of the largest ports on the South – East Europe.

We are dealing with issues as:
Cargo damage
Bill of lading conditions
Road Transport (National and CMR)
International Trade
Logistics, distribution, agency & franchising
Security rights
Debt recovery